It’s no secret that IT related skills are in-demand in the workplace, but imagine being able to become proficient on-demand… with an instructor? IT related skills including programming, web development, system administration (and more) all yield great entry-level salaries and even more impressive mid-career salaries after years of experience.

So, you’re probably wondering how to get your IT career started.

The typical coding bootcamp or online training courses can certainly be attractive because students can become competent in their desired skillset in a few weeks or months rather than years. The traditional coding bootcamp requires that students go to a physical location for hours a day to receive training and help from an instructor, and also requires that students move on to the next chapter even if they haven’t completed labs in the alotted time for the current chapter. While the standard online-based training model requires students to plow through difficult-to-understand topics without the help of tenured instructor.

Both traditional options have major flaws!

Developer Bootcamp’s on-demand IT Training model provides a combination of these two models that creates the perfect environment for students to learn skills on their own time, without sacrificing quality.

Three major advantages of the Developer Bootcamp model include:

  1. Quality Instructors – Developer Bootcamp’s instructors have an average of 10 years of teaching and programming experience. Instructors have taught these courses hundreds of times to live audiences making students the beneficiary of extreme iteration of course material, leading to more effective teaching and ultimately more effective learning. Furthermore, most online-training courses do not even have an instructor at all, making Developer Bootcamp’s self-paced-but-mentored strategy unique. Prior to starting a course, students are assigned an instructor who acts as a mentor and resource for help as students progress through the course. Personal interaction and facilitation are the most natural and effective way to learn new skills, and the only way to assure successful completion of comprehensive hands on practice that creates competent and confident performance after training.
  2. On-Demand Video & Labs – In a live coding bootcamp, each subject leads into the next one, meaning if a student doesn’t understand a particular subject well, it can cause a “snowball effect” sacrificing a profound understanding of the material to keep with the pace. This can have long term effects as the ability to grasp complex curriculum is dependent on strong fundamentals. Developer Bootcamp’s courses solve this problem with detailed lecture videos that enable students to go back and re-watch a section as many times as needed until they have an adequate understanding. And if further clarification is needed about something seen in a video, students can just ask the instructor!  Exercise labs also have no time limits in Developer Bootcamp courses, allowing students to properly think about and understand what they are doing in the course exercises, rather than rushing through the exercises to try and complete them within the allotted time for labs in a live classroom environment.
  3. Personal Facilitation – As mentioned above, having an instructor is a major advantage of Developer Bootcamp’s coding courses, but the ability to interact remotely with experienced professionals makes this on-demand environment unmatched. If a student is having trouble during a hands-on lab, they can connect with their personal facilitator (instructor) who can remotely access their lab computer through TeamViewer software, to explain and fix the problem. Or if a student needs further clarification on a class topic, an instructor can answer a student’s particular concerns and questions.


Individuals looking to learn IT, coding, or system administrator skills have had to choose between learning online without an instructor or a rigid classroom environment that makes it difficult for students to fit it into their lives. Not many people can take 8-12 weeks off of work to learn a new skill or learn well without an instructor. Developer Bootcamp courses solve both these issues to provide a better solution to students.

If you’re interested in learning if a career in IT is for you, reach out to Developer Bootcamp and speak with a Course Advisor that can match you up with the perfect program.

Reach us here: 978.250.4983

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