If you’ve never taken an online course before, you may not be familiar with personal facilitation. When you enroll in a Developer Bootcamp course, you are fully in control of your learning experience, from the time you sign up until you complete the course.

Traditional classroom-based learning uses an instructor who is responsible for delivering the course content. Classroom teachers are content experts who provide students with both information and context. In this style of education delivery, students don’t shape their learning experience; they receive information.

Real learning opportunities do include information delivery, but they don’t stop there. They also need to provide authentic experiences that enable students to internalize the information.

Facilitators take a different approach to assisting students in their learning goals. While a personal facilitator is still a content expert, the facilitator’s role is to remove obstacles to the student’s learning experience.

Personal facilitation works better for adult learners, who are accustomed to being in control of their surroundings.  Because adult learners approach the classroom with a wide range of experiences, traditional classroom instruction can sometimes seem patronizing. Additionally, adult learners are less willing to work at the pace of the slowest learner, which often happens in the traditional classroom. For adult learners who have some experience with the subject material, or who can easily pick up new information, learning at a slower pace can quickly extinguish the desire to learn.

At the same time, adult learners can be stymied by a variety of obstacles to learning. They may not have all of the information they need to fully understand a concept. They may lack adequate access to the learning environment. Students may also lack specific skills or experiences that would enable them to absorb concepts faster or more fully. Sometimes, a student simply needs someone working in an advisory role who can answer questions or provide clarification.

At Developer Bootcamp, we use personal facilitation because we have found it to be the best, most effective approach to working with adult learners at all skill and experienced levels. Personal facilitation allows us to assess each student independently and tailor a learning experience to meet their specific needs. It also allows us to help each student overcome obstacles to their particular learning goals.

Focusing on the learning objectives – and helping each student do the same – enables the student to learn efficiently and maintain a comfortable pace toward course completion.  Adult learners are among the most motivated students.  They’re motivated by the need or desire to acquire new skills; to provide a better income; more stability in their work lives; or to pursue a new career that interests and engages them.

Being motivated, however, doesn’t mean that they can overcome all of the barriers they’ll encounter. If motivation was the only thing a student needed to learn a new skill, he or she could simply head to the nearest bookstore and create a complete learning experience for themselves.

Most students require more than that. Reliable content, a structured learning environment, a flexible knowledge acquisition method, access to the correct technology, a knowledgeable facilitator who can answer questions, practical learning exercises and timely feedback can all help the student realize his or her learning goals, while making the best use of their time.

If you’d like more information about personal facilitation and how it can help you achieve your learning objectives, or would like to explore our wide range of high-demand IT-focused course offerings, please visit Developer Bootcamp on the web at https://www.developer-bootcamp.com/. You can also email info@developer-bootcamp.com or call us at (978) 250-4983 for more information.


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